Play it like Beckham in Miami

After successfully setting up his football franchise in Miami, David Beckham is now embarking on the construction of a stadium! An incredible new project for this retired athlete.

Since leaving Paris Saint Germain and the Los Angeles Galaxy, David Beckham has not lost time. After long negotiations with Miami mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, the Spice Boy managed to get the licenses to create a football team in Miami. Ten years ago, another team tried to get started but it had not developed as planned. The history of football in Miami then remained on a failure. which is not David Beckham’s liking. He therefore raised enough funding and completed his project so that a soccer team will soon be launched in Miami.

Beckham Team in Miami

But the former football player does not want to stop there. To accompany his team to the best, he plans to build a football stadium in the center of the metropolis. For more than five years, he has been studying this project in order to presenting it in the most successful way possible. The meeting was held on 24 March 2014 and the first elements were validated. Thus, the stadium would be located in the modest Overtown neighborhood, not far from Downtown Miami, the city’s famous business district. But the negotiations are not over yet: the land will cost about $ 9 million and the construction of the stadium $ 300 million according to initial estimates. In other words, the case has not yet been resolved.

New stadium in Miami

Neverthless, if the project comes into being, it would be a 25,000-seat stadium that would be built right in the center of Miami. This is David Beckham’s ambition, to allow football enthusiasts to go to the stadium by shuttle or even on foot. Beyond being a simple stadium, Beckham’s one will have a hotel, a shopping mall, cafes, a nightclub and even a car park. A concept that follows the line of the new stadiums that are being built in Europe, real places of life instead of just enclosures. The construction will be entrusted to the Populos agency known for the Emirates Stadium, the Park OL or the OE Arena of London.

Football in Miami

The ambition of the stadium is to bring football back to Miami, to make it a place of life and sharing, to support its new team of sportsmen but also to make football accessible. Sport is very much present in Miami. The Heat is reigning double NBA champion and the Dolphins are known around the world for their US football feats. However, football has never managed to find its place in this sporting city. Through his multiple attempts, David Beckham will attempt – to achieve? – to make Miami a resolutely footballing city. Case to be followed.

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